The 7 Day Raw Detox

Plan of detoxification for the next seven days 1 morning lemon juice: it is an old but a goodie to start digestion and cleaning of the system. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon in a cup of warm water. The first thing that I have in the morning before breakfast to take. Exercise 2: during the Detox, to exercise for an hour a day. And not just an exercise - something that makes the pants and puff and sweat as a kind of spider, stretches along the beach walk uphill to increase the hot yoga or boxes. Vigorous exercise increases to help the flow of the lymph and blood circulation, sweat toxins. 3 raw: target is usually cut, the process of cooking and eating raw foods. Raw foods contain more nutrients and enzymes. Add the fresh shoots for a salad per day. 4 mind Detox: while you are detoxifying the body, the chaos in my head am happy the 7 day raw detox as clean. It aims at 15 minutes of meditation a day. Try, if you know how to meditate, breathe the belly. Start by you the Palm of his hands down in the lower part of the abdomen. Breathing through the nose slowly up to three or four accounts include a. You will feel your stomach with breathing. Breathe only more slowly, helped the stomach. This operation for 15 minutes a day. 5 drink: refers to three litres of liquid, a drink of the day. This will help move lymph Detox and kidney support. Choose the source of pure water, fresh vegetable juice and Detox herbal teas. Or make your own beer by mixing one or a combination of the root of the tooth of Lion, blades and nettle, marigold flowers, burdock and Red clover. With a cup of boiling water, add a teaspoon of dried herbs. 5 minutes, filter and drink leave. 6 body brush: this support of traffic throughout the day and the detoxification of the skin to increase. Keeps the skin of the body in a circular motion with a sponge or a brush fibers, natural before coming under the shower. Exit the hands and feet, his legs and arms and avoid the delicate neck and treat stains skin rash or skin irritation. Then showers. End the shower with a minute cold water jet that brings the blood circulation of the skin. Chew 7: try to chew each bite to eat in 10 to 12 times before swallowing. You bring to the awareness of a meal improves digestion, so that you have a feeling of fullness, without too much to eat. Note: Detoxification if you are pregnant, nursing, elderly, high blood pressure, they are underweight or against the recommendation of your doctor. Read our fact sheet on detoxification. > Incredible feeling after 7 days of detox? Connect the body + revolution Alma take advantage of our special 14 day Detox. You can choose one of the 3 programs of 10 weeks-Peso, of force or impetus of vitality - and start your journey to a new in 2014. Click here for a survey of the State of health release you! .